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About iQ G300

Barco’s iQ G300 with its advanced picture-in-picture feature is the first projector that can display up to four scaleable images at the same time on a single screen. Its built-in switcher makes seamless source switching a snap, and you get many special transition effects to choose from. Barco’s innovative dual-lamp system guarantees optimal reliability: the light will never go out during your presentation. This versatile LCD projector with XGA resolution delivers an amazing brightness level of 3,500 ANSI lumens. The iQ Series is the smartest choice for compelling presentations in any venue, from brightly lit boardrooms to larger conference centers.


Advanced picture-in-picture
  • Position and size your sources on screen
    As you add sources with your remote control, you can resize and move the source windows on the screen to create the layout that suits your application. Save and load your preferred settings and screen arrangement, allowing you to recall it instantly.
  • Digital Zoom
    The iQ G300 projector allows you to digitally zoom inside a window and scroll for the details you want to emphasize.
    All actions take place without freezing the image, thanks to iQ’s real-time image processing capability.
  • Make sure your audience gets the whole picture, the big picture, and the picture-in-picture.
    How about showing up to two data and one video image simultaneously on one screen, only using one projector? The iQ G300 does the job for you!
    This unique feature will enable presenters to make their presentations more powerful. Alongside a presentation, other images can be shown like news broadcasts, an ad campaign, product drawings, a DVD source… Presenters will be able to bring over the message more effectively by displaying multiple information sources simultaneously.
  • Use your iQ projector for videoconferencing.
    Simply connect a standard codec and video camera to the projector and your meeting room becomes a videoconferencing space. The iQ G300 displays the local audience, the remote audience and the shared presentation (when including an optional input board).
Seamless switching
  • Switch sources using special transition effects. Use special effects like fade-in/out, box-in/out or vertical curtain to change sources
  • Standard light shutter. The light shutter button on the remote control, enables you to hold back the light of the projector.
  • Seamless switching. Switch sources on-the-fly without distracting on-screen warning messages or irritating waiting intervals.
    Switch to another source, faster than you can switch TV channels, thanks to extreme powerful image processing.
  • Make sure your logo is always there! You can pre-program your company logo or some other appropriate image to appear on the screen. This way the screen never goes black during intermissions or long discussions. With one click on the remote control, you can switch from the display source to a full-color rendition of your logo or to another image you have chosen
Innovative dual-lamp system
  • The iQ G300 comes with an advanced dual-lamp system for ultimate reliability. The light will never go out during your presentation.
    In dual lamp mode, the iQ G300 features a 1500-hour lamp life. In single lamp mode, operation time is doubled (3000 hours), while the projector still offers sufficient brightness.
  • A reliable projector concept!
    Dual lamp operation. If one lamp reaches the end of its lifetime or if it fails for any reason, the second lamp will keep on running to avoid interrupting a critical presentation.
    Single lamp operation. In case of unexpected failure when in single mode the switch to the second lamp will be done very fast, without going into standby mode.
  • Smart switching between lamps in single lamp operation!
    The iQ G300 keeps track of the runtime of the lamps. It assigns one lamp until this one has been playing a total of about 100 hours. After playing 100 hours, the projector will switch to the other lamp, this way alternating between the two lamps. As both lamps reach end-of-life simultaneously, you can replace both lamps at the same moment, saving maintenance time.
    Note: If the lamp reaches 100 hrs during a presentation the projector will wait for the next start-up to switch to the second lamp.
High brightness and superior image quality
  • The UHP Lamp, with its blue-weighted color point, makes this projector the ideal projector for data presentations.
  • Razor sharp in every corner
    State-of-the-art optics ensures unsurpassed clarity in every portion of the projected image. There is no decrease in sharpness in the corners.
  • The iQ G300 combines high-quality 1.3” poly-silicon LCD technology, and Barco’s renowned image processing expertise. The result is an unsurpassed color reproduction and truly impressive images.
    A brightness level of 3500 ANSI lumens is the right brightness level for any professional presentation application: from small boardrooms, over training facilities, to larger conference rooms.
    With Barco’s precision optical elements, you can achieve a high contrast-level of more than 400:1.
    The iQ G300 has a native XGA resolution (1024x768 pixels).
  • Sharp, vibrant images
    Barco’s patented True Color Reproduction (TCRPlus) software enhances the quality of conventional video sources. The result is vibrant images with remarkable color depth, sharpness and clarity
  • Optimal character readability
    Barco’s pixel map processing technology adds even more versatility and compatibility. The iQ G300 optimizes the resolution of the incoming source automatically to map the resolution of the LCD panels. You get crisp images with smooth and exceptionally readable characters.
Flexible set-up and maintenance
  • Barco’s newly designed intuitive user interface guides you easily trough all features.
  • Optional Ceiling Mount for fixed installations
    This ceiling mount system makes installation and maintenance easy as the platform is horizontally and vertically adjustable.
  • The iQ G300 is designed for maximum ease-of-use. Each projector automatically identifies the input source signal and optimizes all display settings accordingly. An optimal image quality is guaranteed, with no manual adjustments necessary.
  • Ready for any setting, thanks to a wide range of lenses.
    A range of high-definition lenses gives you the flexibility to optimize performance for any setting. Your meeting space is likely to change over the years, and you may find that you use the iQ G300 in a wide variety of meeting rooms. Use short-throw lenses for rear projection, and long-throw lenses for front projection in seminars and larger conference rooms
  • Extreme vertical lens shift capabilities
    Centering the picture on the screen in fixed ceiling applications, is a snap. The motorized zoom-lenses can vertically shift 120% up and 30% down.
  • Lamp replacement is as easy as "click & plug"
    As the two lamps reach end-of-life simultaneously, you can replace both lamps at the same moment, saving maintenance time.
    Lamps are located at the back of the projector and accessible by removing a cap without any specific tooling.
    Replace lamps in a few seconds: just “click” the lamp into the projector and you are ready to play. Very efficient and easy.
  • Digital keystone correction
    The trapezoidal keystone distortion of the image is electronically corrected when it is projected upward or downward onto the screen.
Future Proof
  • The iQ G300 is ready to connect future digital peripherals thanks to DVI and (optional) SDI.
  • Should you need a new connection, it is a simple matter to add the appropriate input boards. Likewise audio and video boards can be added to enable extended video-conferencing applications.
Connect any peripheral
  • An RS232 connection is available for easy software uploads and for communication with third party control panels or PC’s.
  • DVI (Digital Visual Interface) is the new open industry specification for digital connectivity. It replaces today's multiple standards for data connections. The digital signal from a computer is transmitted directly to LCD panels with minimal degradation or interference
  • The iQ G300 can be equipped with an optional SDI (Serial Digital Interface), which allows easy connection with the latest generation of digital video.
  • The array of input connections of the iQ G300 is enough to impress the most sophisticated electronics user. From analog data to digital video and from the latest HDTV sources to all of today’s popular RGB computer formats.
  • Unique video application possibilities.
    Connect up to seven composite video sources or up to three S-Video sources.
    An intelligent video switcher is included to provide easy management of the various connections. There is no need to go to the expense of external switchers.
  • No cable mess! A state-of-the-art meeting area doesn't have to look like an electricians worst nightmare. A cable basket on the front of the projector conceals all of the input cables, creating a clean line and contemporary design.

iQ G300

iQ G300
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