Galaxy NH-12

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About Galaxy NH-12

Barco’s Galaxy NH-12 combines the best of stereoscopic high-brightness and network-centric projectors. It is an ideal choice for collaborative analysis and design environments that require full, 1080p HD stereoscopic projection.
Maximal ease of use

Thanks to its integration with Barco's XDS Control Center software, the Galaxy NH-12 is controlled simply with keyboard and mouse. From the Control Center, you can select user-defined lay-outs and sources easily. The Galaxy NH-12 also allows you to display sources in multiple windows that can be resized, dragged and made to overlap anywhere on the screen.

Supreme stereoscopic quality

With its strong 12,000 lumens light output, Barco’s Galaxy NH-12 was designed to operate in bright environments. Its native stereoscopic capabilities, which include both passive and active Infitec, render it a perfect choice for applications that require stereoscopic images of the highest detail.

Maintenance-free design

The Galaxy NH-12 is designed with one of the lowest noise levels in its class, and a guaranteed long system lifetime due to its fully sealed, liquid-cooled optical engine. This not only prevents dust from entering the projector’s interior, it also eliminates routine maintenance procedures and strongly reduces potential system downtime.

Optimized for system integration

Barco’s Galaxy NH-12 is optimized for multi-projector system integration through various features:

Edge blending technology creates one continuous image without blurry overlap zones where projections converge.
DynaColor and linked constant light output (CLO) ensure the same light and color levels across the entire screen.
Warping (geometry correction) enables accurate projection from different angles and across spherical or curved surfaces.

Galaxy NH-12

Galaxy NH-12
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