Fiberlink 2

High-quality fiber optic cable for data transmission over long distances (up to 5000m)

About Fiberlink 2

Barco Fiberlink2 adds fiber-optic technology to your visualisation solution for guaranteed quality of the final picture with a reach up to 5000m (16404 ft). Fiberlink2 is a high-quality fiber optic cable that is ideally suited to send a high density stream of data over long distances. To guarantee image quality over long distances, Barco's Fiberlink2 is your best choice.

Barco offers two different fiberlink systems:

  • one for shorter distances up to 300m (984 ft), based on a multimode optical fiber
  • one for longer distances up to 5000m (16404 ft), based on a single mode optical fiber

Please note that the fiber-optic cables used with the Fiberlink1, are 100% compatible with Fiberlink2 (Single Mode as well as Multimode).



Fiberlink2 offers a more compact, mechanically improved design for the receiver. The transmitter system consists of a base unit with three modular inputs. There are two types of inputs available (single mode and multimode).

Both versions of input cards can be used together in one base unit (up to three in total). Fiberlink2 replaces the existing Fiberlink1 solution.

Fiberlink 2

Fiberlink 2
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